Still Feeling Shy About Approaching Her? 7 Ways To Be Bold And Win Her Love

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Published: 22nd November 2010
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A lot of young men in their prime still find it a whole lot difficult to chat a lady up; some are too shy to even start a friendly conversation, let alone tell her what they feel. Now if you fall in this category, here's the shy guy's 11 step guide to winning any woman's love and confidence.

Study Her: yes for you to tame a wild beast, you need to first of all study its characteristics: when it sleeps, eats and even mates. Only when you understand the basic characteristics or instinct of this creature, will you find it relatively easy to tame it; now this dream lady you are stalking can be compared to the beast in our analogy. You need to study her, know basic things about her like where she lives, where and who she hangs out with (if she is the social type), her friends and even her family. Getting to know her a little will help you in figuring out the right time to approach her and go for the kill; get a clue.

Get Close to Her Friends and Family Members: being friends with one of close playmates (friend) and family member can get her off-balance and even make her get her guards down and in most cases loose and porous for you the stalker to easily flow in, when she sees you with any of her good friends, it tells her that you can to be trusted or given the benefit of the doubt; it also makes her feel closer. I used to fancy this lady back in the day; she never took notice of me (or maybe she did, and was just pretending that she didn't), till I became friends with the elder sister, I wooed her via the elder sister, and bingo we had our first date holding hands at the beach, with she cuddling very close to me; all kudos to her elder sister who persuaded her to give in and trust me if only for once. Try this, because I know one thing, IT WORKS!

Socialize where she socialize: hanging out where she hangs out makes it even easier as this is a kind of rendezvous for people of like minds who share the same kind of interests. Most ladies are too religious, visit her church if you would, others hang out in pubs, visit there and offer her a cup of coffee or soda; give her a nice compliment like telling her how beautiful her ear rings are or how her make up is neatly done, taking note of little details like this, makes her believe that you really have a thing for her and maybe it'd be cool if both of you'd hang out more often,

Extend Friendly Gestures: offering to give her a lift home, or buy her lunch can get her to believe you care. But you need to win her confidence first before she can give in to these gestures, or don't be surprised if she regards them as overtures; but trust me if you are subtle enough, buying her lunch can save her the headache of rushing to the fast food out let, and offering her a ride home can save her the trouble of rushing to beat the time for the train ride home. This little gesture can really endear you to her, and if you are very good at what you are doing, with time she'll come to depend of you and your friendship could blossom into...

Ask her Out: This is the right time for you to go for the final kill, and for you to achieve this, you need to ask her out for lunch or dinner. Now for this to be feasible, you need to allow her choose the venue. Is could be her favorite hang out or restaurant; giving her this privilege to decide, makes it seem she's in control, nothing excites a lady when she feels she's in temporary control and the man is ready to eat directly from her palm.

While out on this Date, Tell Her What you Feel: Most dating experts will tell you not to tell her this today,
since you'll be having more dates, but from personal experience, this is the best time to tell; her what you feel about her; come to think of it, this is what she is expecting to hear you say, so what good will it do you postponing the evil day, when you know that it will still come. So tell her how beautiful she is, nothing can be irresistible to a lady when you tell her she looks like Aphrodite, make her look special; tell her how long you've been waiting for this moment, and here is it, just tell her all she wants to hear, this I can assure you is one long and memorable night, one she can not easily forget, believe me.

Finally, Make her Yours: they can't be a better time than now to make her yours, wake her up the first thing in the morning telling her how you've been longing for her all through the night, call her up at noon to know how she's doing, ring her at night to say good night. Buy her gifts, always take her out on lunch, on weekends buy tickets to see shows and sport games. Just do all you need to and all that you do will do; trust me.

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